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We design and create virtual employees for business using chatbot technology

Chatbots in business
conduct sales 24/7 and provide impeccable service to your customers. Reduce operating system costs
Chatbots in education
automate educational processes from pre-training training to post-training support
Chatbots in HR
allows you to automate the processes: recruiting, onboarding, corporate training and communication
Chatbots in the organization of public events
communicates simultaneously with hundreds of participants providing answers to frequently asked questions. Personal virtual guide for each participant
Online stores in messengers
additional new sales channel and communication with your customers

❝According to Business Insider statistics, 80% of businesses will need chatbots by 2020.❞

What are the benefits?

What are the benefits of using bots?

Increase in sales

each potential buyer is added to the database and receives an instant response to his request

Reduced operating costs

one bot can accompany tens of thousands of users simultaneously


Improving the quality of service

the bot provides reliable information and works strictly according to the specified scripts


Reducing routine

bot automates repetitive processes

What can they do?

Sales consultant bot

presents your product or service to customers 24/7, allows you to place an order and accept payment


Customer support bot

will instantly answer most frequently asked questions and provide an impeccable service


Bot administrator

make an appointment, tell you the schedule and how to get there


Business coach bot

act as a personal trainer, provide educational materials, conduct testing


HR bot

recruiter and personal HR-business partner for each employee of the company

❝By 2020, the average person will talk more to bots than to their spouse.❞

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